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Our concept

Burritos, Tacos, Salads and Chilis are custommade, prepared in front of the customer. There are as many combinations of ingredients as there are tastes !

This diversity is a promise of a well-balanced meal with authentic flavours. The cheerful atmosphere and the speedy service guarantee our customer a unique experience.

Keys to success

Franchise Mexican restaurants A strong growth market :

Fast casual market meets changing customer tastes worldwide.

Franchise Mexican restaurants A proven concept :

Mexican fast casual is a substantial market and experiencing explosive growth in many countries.

Franchise Mexican restaurants An offer that seduces everybody, at anytime :

An attractive range and choice of products for lunch or for dinner.

Franchise Mexican restaurants Prepared in front of the client :

Guaranteed high-quality and fresh ingredients.

Franchise Mexican restaurants A customized and made-to-order dish :

There are as many combinations as there are tastes and customers.

Franchise Mexican restaurants Easy-to-operate :

Proven and simplified processes that simplify the management of the restaurant.

Franchise Mexican restaurants A fast service :

Up to 120 customers per hour with one cash register.

Franchise Mexican restaurants

“Everything started when I spent several years in America and worked in the food industry in Latin America. I have been impressed by the success of the Mexican food and realized how big its potential could be worldwide. Like foreigners, I have been seduced by the variety and the excitement of the Mexican food.
So I decided to return to Europe and create the first Mexican food brand in France !
A brand that combines superior quality ingredients, food balance and flavour.

And success is around the corner !

Now that we have sold millions of burritos, I invite you to join us and become part of the spicy Fresh Burritos adventure !

Timothée Tronet,

Fresh Burritos founder.

Dedicated to your success

Fresh Burritos provides you with customised support and a complete assistance through its coordination team.

Before opening

s Strategic support (location, pricing, ...)

s Technical support (store design, logistic, suppliers, ...)

s Management assistance (recruitment, planning, ...)

s Initial training programme (on site in France)

During opening

s Representative on site

s Set up of management tools

s Promotion guidance

After opening

s Periodic evaluation and on-going support

s Operational problem solving

s Sales promotion and product offering

Some figures Franchise Mexican restaurants

20 restaurants by the end of 2015

150 restaurants within 5 years

Opened the first restaurant : march 2011

Area : between 60 and 160m²
(food corners are possible)

Who are we looking for ?

Individuals experienced in retail (food industry is a plus) and passionate about delivering high-class customer service.
People who share our values. Respect, Honesty and Transparency.
Individuals who can follow the franchise system.
People who meet the financial requirements.
Convivial people (essence of the Mexican spirit !).
Franchise Mexican restaurants Franchise Mexican restaurants

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